Considerations when moving with your pets:

Moving with My Darling Dogs, Max and Molly
submitted by:  Paula W.

My dogs, Max and Molly had lived in a state of peace, contentment, and domestic harmony with me in my Independence home until my Oklahoma City fianc?e, Skip popped the big question, I said ?yes? and then began to promptly begin worry ing about breaking to the ?kids? the fact that life in our cozy house would never be the same again. We were about to MOVE to Oklahoma! To understand this story properly let me introduce you to my two darlings...Read On





Bubba and The Move
submitted by:  Marijohn (MJ) W.
Transplanted Texas Granny

Thanks to a wonderful real estate agent (Linda Pringle, of course) and my son and daughter-in-law, I was able to locate and purchase a nice little bungalow in Independence. I have two granddaughters here and decided I wanted to be able to watch them grow up.  Most of the process took place on-line and with a few phone calls.  The miracles of the wonderful world of electronic communication never fails to amaze me...Read On



Taz and Jazz
submitted by: 

Hello.  Our names are Taz and Jazz.  We wanted to tell you a story about a really hard time that we just went through.  We love our family but they really upset us a few months ago. 
It was in October of last year Taz was going through a tough time because he had a growth on his back and needed some teeth pulled.  Jazz was also having some problems with his hips. 

Needless to say, we were in no way ready for what we were about to go through.  First, our family started taking us over to our daddy?s parents a lot more.  We did enjoy being over there but it wasn?t for very long at a time.  Then all of the stuff in the house that we were used to seeing and sniffing started to disappear and this concerned us.  Taz had trouble eating and Jazz just lied around...Read On